Maths Lab

Mathematics helps children make sense of the words around them and find logical meaning in the physical world. Through mathematics, children learn to understand their world in terms of numbers, shapes and patterns. They learn to reason, connect ideas, and think logically with mathematical concepts. Mathematics is more than rules and operations that we were taught in school. It is about connecting to and understanding the relationship in every aspect of life.

The present education system has made a 360° shift from learning mathematics by obedience to learning by applied reasoning. This means children learn best when they are interested and even excited about what they are doing. Children are given many opportunities to see and hear different things, and to move about and play with things they can touch. This helps them to connect things, and demonstrate concepts in their own way. Children should be encouraged to think and to show respect for their thinking. But remember, it is not just the doing but the thinking that promotes learning. In view of this we have provided Math Labs at both the schools to make the study of Mathematics meaningful and interesting.

Taking into consideration the national aspirations and expectation reflected in the guidelines of the National Curriculum Framework (NCF) developed by NCERT, the Central Board of Secondary Education had initiated a number of steps to make teaching and learning of mathematics at schools activity-based and experimentation oriented. The guidelines are:-

  • Foster mathematical awareness, skill building, positive attitude and learning by doing
  • Learning concepts using concrete objects
  • Verify math facts and properties using models, measurement and activities
  • Individualized and peer learning centers: Discovery, Enrichment, Remedial and Reinforcement
  • Teachers to explain and demonstrate many concepts using charts, models, aids and activities

Maths Lab will enable school students to learn and explore mathematical concepts and verify mathematical facts and theorems using technology tools.

Maths Lab will offer Multiple Teaching and Learning Aids comprising of Technology Applications, Videos, Manipulative, Measuring Instruments, Tables and Charts, to schools based on the three pillars of ‘Imagination, Investigation and Interaction’.

Math Lab provides an opportunity to students to understand, internalize, discover and verify the basic mathematical and geometrical concepts through concrete objects and situations, thus building interest and confidence in students learning the subject. The laboratory also allows and encourages the students to think, discuss among themselves as well as with the teacher, and assimilate concepts.

Maths Lab encompasses the following

  • Maths Lab Junior - For classes 3 to 5
  • There are 82 activities given based on the NCERT guidelines.
  • Maths Lab for Middle and Senior School: For 6 to 10
  • There are 405 activities the implementation of NCF guidelines effectively.

These activities are designed appropriately keeping in mind the age of the learners thereby catering to the different pedagogical needs. e.g., the Graphical User Interface used in the junior classes is different from that of the Senior and Middle School.